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Block all calls except contacts android


Fits perfectly on all android devices.

True Time Saver

Save time by not blocking calls yourself

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Easy to use friendly design

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Easily block or allow calls not in your contacts. Only allow calls from contacts.

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The only app with the blocking feature that actually works

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Getting a lot of spam calls? It sure can get annoying. 


Don’t let unwanted calls interrupt your day. Avoid them completely with an app that only allows calls from the people you know. 

Contacts Only lets you block all unwanted calls with the click of a button. A simple-to-use interface makes it easy for you to get started. Once installed, Contacts Only will immediately start: 

– Automatic call-blocking. There’s no need for you to add numbers to a blacklist or block list. 

– Allowing calls from everyone in your contacts list, as usual. That means you only get calls from people you know. 

– Expecting an important call? Easily disable the app with a push of a button.

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